Street Spirits is a youth driven social action theatre company. We use the creative arts to raise awareness of problems in the world. We create audience interactive stage performances, video projects, and community events on topics such as racism, family violence, homophobia, poverty, gender violence, substance use, gang involvement and bullying. We also provide community workshops to create grass roots responses to problems. Organizations and communities can book us for performances, video productions and workshops. We support our members to pursue their dreams.  Purpose: Our goal as an organization is to change the world in positive ways. We provide a healthy introduction to social responsibility for the youth who join the program and influence communities to take action to address inequities, discrimination and violence.  Participants: We are open to all ages. However, the majority of our performers are between the ages of 13 and 29.  Outcomes: Youth involved in the program gain life skills, performance skills and social responsibility.

Framework/Philosophy: We believe that we create culture, values and beliefs collaboratively as a society. Encouraging thoughtful cooperative dialogue can address problems and build a stronger and more inclusive culture. In performance, we try not to tell people answers but provide the opportunity for people to explore their beliefs, share ideas and brainstorm positive means for creating change.P

Established: September 1999